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Our directory was built with both clients and businesses in mind. As cannabis in Australia is still illegal, it isn’t easy to promote your business or your products. This makes it difficult for others to find your business. The Cannabis Directory Australia team is here to help.

Why should I list my business on Cannabis Directory Australia?

A business cannot survive long if no one knows it exists. Other than becoming more discoverable to the general public, here are a few advantages to listing your company in our directory:

  • Be seen as a legitimate business: Cannabis is an industry being kept in the shadows. Legally licensed cannabis businesses are not only hard to find but they are hard to trust. Aussies may be able to find your business on Google, but a cautious consumer will be looking for a third party to confirm you can be trusted.
  • Connect with other businesses: It may be easier to supply, source, produce or cultivate when you can find others to team up with. Our directory can help you find businesses you want to work with and for others to come to you with new opportunities.
  • Keep up with the competition: If both yourself and your competition are listed, it is easier to monitor what competitors are up to. Are they featured on the homepage, but your company is not? See what they are doing differently and adjust your strategies accordingly. As an added bonus, you can keep up to date with any businesses that are new on the scene.

What kind of Cannabis Businesses are listed in the directory?

Currently, there are four business types that can be added to Cannabis Directory Australia. These cannabis businesses are:

If your business is not in any of these categories, don’t be alarmed. We plan to expand our site to allow for other categories soon. Stay tuned.

How do I add my business to Cannabis Directory Australia?

Adding your business to the directory is an easy process, simply enter your information into our add business form and you are on your way to being listed in our directory.

As part of the process, we will manually assess your submission to ensure your listing meets our standards. We want to make sure that all listings are of good quality, are informative for the browser and are authentic. All this and more are examined by our team for approval.

We only accept cannabis businesses that operate within Australia and have all the required licenses. We are here to help your business grow and become easier to be found by others. But, we also want to make sure that all is compliant with federal and state laws. If we discover you are not a legitimate company, your application with not be approved or your listing will be removed immediately.

How long does it take to be approved?

We want to be thorough when looking into your listing submission. You can expect to be notified of the approval within 48 hours from the time you have received confirmation of your submitted form.

What happens if my listing is not approved?

If for any reason your listing is not approved for Cannabis Directory Australia or if there is an issue with your submission, you will be notified by the supplied email. For most situations, our team will be able to assist so that your business may still be listed.