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There are so many cannabis businesses in Australia, and many are hard to find without a bit of help. That’s where Cannabis Directory Australia comes in. We can help you find any cannabis business of any variety that is near you. Think of us as a marijuana industry database that can help you find the right cannabis company or service for your exact needs. If you are one of the many cannabis companies in Australia, why not enter your business into our marijuana directory. Dispensaries, wholesalers, and more are all available in our cannabis business directory.

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Cultivators are responsible for growing cannabis plants. They’re the ones with the green thumb and a licence for growing and harvesting a variety of marijuana.

Turning flowers into consumable products. They can transform the cultivated flower buds into cannabis 2.0. This includes oils, pills, sprays, edibles and more.

The middlemen between the cannabis cultivators, manufacturers, and retailers. They help in making cannabis products more easily accessible across the country.

This is where the average consumer can legally purchase marijuana and cannabis products. Click here to find a cannabis store near you.

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Browse by state to find Australian cannabis companies that are local to you. All states have different laws and regulations when it comes to marijuana. By sourcing locally, you can be confident that your cannabis goods comply with state laws. Some marijuana companies in Australia are nationwide, but even so, they will have local branches that are not only easier to access but are likely to be more affordable as you’ll avoid the added cost of shipping. Not to mention you’re less likely to have any problems with the local authorities. Click below to browse the Australian cannabis companies servicing your state and find a cannabis business near you.


Explore the wide variety of Sydney cannabis businesses. From cultivators to dispensaries, see what marijuana companies in NSW have to offer to Sydneysiders.


Discover the incredible array of cannabis companies local to the Melbourne metro area and greater Victoria.  All licensed and approved to provide marijuana.


Find a local cannabis company in our nation’s capital. It may be small but compared to most other states and territories, they’re more marijuana-friendly.


Wander through the Queensland selection and find the exact cannabis company you’re looking for. There are plenty of cultivators and dispensaries too.


Take a look and find a cannabis company in Adelaide with exactly what you’re looking for. CBD oil, medicinal cannabis products and more are available in SA.


Plenty of marijuana companies in Western Australia for you to discover. Click here to explore the offerings for cannabis in Perth and along the west coast.


Hoping to find a cannabis business in Darwin? Take a look at the selection of products available from marijuana companies in the Northern Territory.


There are a lot of cannabis companies in Hobart to peruse. Whether you need medicinal marijuana or a particular cannabis service, we can help you find it.

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A Guide to Cannabis in Australia

Lots to learn about your local cannabis industry

The cannabis business in Australia is still new, which means there is so much to learn and discover about cannabis in Australia. Learn about your local laws and regulations, what cannabinoids are, the different effects THC and CBD have on the human body, or about the ongoing research on cannabis as medicine. Whether you’re interested in the recreational or medicinal use of cannabis, you can explore our blogs and resources for more information. Cannabis Directory Australia aims to help you stay legal, safe, and well-informed about using any type of cannabis in Australia.